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Data items

PlanData itemsSubscription fee
Basic planToday’s Satellite SST
Today’s Cloud Removal SST
Tomorrow’s SST
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OptionToday’s Tide(0m, 20m)
Tomorrow’s Tide(0m, 20m)
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OptionToday’s mid-level water temperature(20m)
Tomorrow’s mid-water temperature(20m)
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OptionToday’s Front
Tomorrow’s Front
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  • Today’s Satellite SST is sea surface temperature data calculated from weather satellite Himawari observation data.
  • Today’s Cloud Removal SST is SST satellite data complemented the cloud covered area by using the OceanEyes original image reconstruction technique of the deep learning system.
  • Tomorrow’s SST and Optional data are marine environments forecast using numerical ocean models.

Please check the Technical Overview page for the details.

Data available area (Japan coast area as an example)

Request a new area

If you have any additional available area requests, please using the contact below.

※Subscription fee is depends on area size.


If you have any inquiries about FishersNavi Standard, or want to subscribe, please contact us on the e-mail address below.