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Future Ocean Environment is important for people are influenced by the ocean condition either directly or indirectly.

For example, local residents living near the sea and governments have coastlines, and of course aquaculture fishermen and developers considering the ocean development.

Is this place really feasible for our project?

But quantitative risk estimation is difficult under the changing ocean environment !

OceanEyes provide Database of detailed future prediction by models !

Technology for Predicting Future Ocean of OceanEyes

*1 Downscaling to fine scale for database !

*2 Database including several possible scenarios of detailed future prediction by models !

*3 Quantitative Future Risks with OE analysis and Partners’ evaluation methods

We need business partners!

Predicting future ocean environment change in detail by utilizing ocean numerical models and analysis techniques of OceanEyes enables accurately evaluating the future risks of the business of activities affected by ocean environment directly or indirectly.

This information will lead to more safe and sustainable human activities under the climate change !

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