On November 8, 2019, at a symposium of the Japan Society of Fisheries Oceanography (JSFO) held at Tohoku University’s Aobadai Campus, Kyoto University Associate Professor Masaaki Iiyama made a presentation titled “SST analysis using AI”. In addition, Masafumi Kamachi, auditor of Ocean Eyes Co., Ltd., chaired the panel discussion “Future of Smart Fishing with AI Applied to Satellite Data”.

The symposium was held as an event for the FY 2019 JSFO Annual Convention, focusing mainly on bonito (Katsuo) fishing. On the day of the seminar, the participants made a presentation on the current status of bonito fishing and their expectations for the latest technologies. Subsequently, they introduced the results of advanced research projects conducted by Kyoto University’s JAMSTEC, RESTEC, GLI, and others. At the end of the meeting, the participants discussed what impact smart fishing, which combines the latest satellite observations and AI, can have on bonito fishing in the future, what changes can be expected in the future, and what areas of technology are currently needed but lacking in action.