[Business] “FY 2020 Next Generation Regional Industry Promotion Project”

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Ocean Eyes Co., Ltd.’s “Fisheries Digitization (Fishing support service by AI and ocean simulation)” project was selected for the “FY 2020 Next Generation Regional Industry Promotion Project”. The project will last about one year and the scale of support will be 10 million yen.

“Fisheries Digitization” will work with local governments and research institutions to develop new services for coastal fishery operators, expand the functions of existing services, and implement promotions in response to the spread of COVID -19 infection. Based on these results, we aim to contribute to the sustainable fisheries industry for fishermen and the earth in the future as a marine fishery data platform originated in Japan.

The “Promotion of next-generation regional industries” will be implemented by Kyoto Sangyo 21 with support from the Kyoto Prefectural Government as support to promote the shift from research plans to commercialization plans, such as the establishment of scientific evidence, market-in-perspective, arrangement of intellectual property relations, and development of business models that can gain empathy, in order to attract more stakeholders and private investment, such as banks, venture capitals, and partner companies that collaborate with or invest in businesses in advanced technology fields that require a lot of funding, such as “brain science” “AI” and “iPS cell”. This year, five projects were selected.

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